International Manifatture S.a.s

Located in the heart of the Val Vibrata, in Abruzzo, the INTERNATIONAL MANIFATTURE S.A.S. by De Berardinis Nino & C. was born in June 2014, undertakes the weaving business for the production and marketing of men’s / women’s knitwear, clothing items and accessories in general including collars, cuffs, edges, flounces, lists, elastic bands for medical equipment and uppers for footwear, dedicating ample study space to the latter aricle. It is proposed as a modern reality that is dedicated to the search for new trends and style. The INTERNATIONAL MANIFATTURE S.A.S. manages to promote its hight quality accessories, acquiring realibility and success on the market thanks to the help and commitment of collaborative and experienced staff; fulfilling the requests of customers with seriousness and passion, internally having a packging, laundry, ironing and finishing department.